Championed by everyone from Annie Mac to DJ Yoda, Kormac started out as out as a hip hop scratch DJ and MPC beat-maker.

He has matured into an artist who brings a totally unique approach to, what might be called, hip hop by twisting and morphing his meticulous recordings of acoustic instruments into something entirely unique.

While making his latest album, he literally showed up on the doorsteps of legendary author, Irvine Welsh, Mercury Music Prize Winner, Speech Debelle, Texan legend, Micah P. Hinson and a host of others to collaborate and produce a record that sounds like nothing else.

He’s equally well known for his live performances. Sometimes he performs with a full ensemble, Kormac’s Big Band (brass, strings, drums, electronics, bass, guitar and guest vocalists.) For club shows he brings his studio set up, a drummer and a massive LED wall showing bespoke visuals for alternative takes on his own material.


I Believe

Kormac returns with brand new single and video, I Believe. Funnelling vintage gospel textures through modern production sensibilities, this one has been a high point in recent live shows with crowds chanting, “I believe, I do believe” in their thousands. The clip premiered in Clash Magazine.

Another Screen feat. Irvine Welsh

Largely shot at an abandoned amusement park in Margate, Kent, the piece debuted on Noisey in 2014 with an accompanying interview with Kormac and Irvine. The video was produced and directed by Andy McManus and Elizabeth Doonan.

Kormac’s Big Band – Wake Up – Live on the Late Late Show.

Kormac performs with his ensemble on Ireland’s biggest prime-time show.

Kormac AV Show

Kormac’s brand new, live, audio-visual show. This show is currently touring.

Wake Up feat. Bajka

Kormac DJ Mix for WDR Radio, Germany

“The crowd clearly relished every minute, imbibing the energy radiated and feeding it back with cheers and whoops of delight.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“One of Irish Dance Music’s most inspirational and unique producers and DJs”

The Star

“Sitting neither in the realm of hip hop, jazz or electronic music, Kormac shapes his music to fit his vision of the world and carries us lucky spectators alongs with him.”

Wonderland Magazine

“Their performance will rank up there as one of the most memorable moments on the show over the past seven years.”

Dan Hegarty (2FM.)

“Kormac has taken the crowd by storm here today. His show is the best of the festival so far. It’s exciting and full of energy. This is a DJ at the top of his game.”

Hot Press

“a composer and arranger of extraordinary, eclectic music that pushes the envelope in terms of scope and tone”

“Kormac’s live AV show: it was spellbinding. The beautiful texture and depth of his visual designs perfectly matched the diverse beats driven by the man himself and a live drummer”.

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